New Jersey Horror Con August 02, 2017 13:44

Lunaris Records will be a vendor at the New Jersey Horror Con on Sept. 22-24, 2017 in Iselin NJ. There will be an amazing Night of The Demons reunion! We'll have copies of our Night of the Demons soundtrack on Vinyl and CD along with our other releases and more. There will also be a screening of The Barn on Friday Sept. 22. Hope to see you there.

ANTONI MAIOVVI - THUG OST June 26, 2017 12:35

Releasing 6/27/2017 at 1 PM EST in our shop, stores contact

Transmission UK will have the only copies in the UK/Europe so fans can save on shipping by grabbing through them online or in store.

Catalog: LNRS012LP

Kknagpae (or Thug) is a collection of works for a film that was abandoned. Envisioned as a cross between a Friedkin-esque gumshoe detective saga meets something like Black Rain. Following a beaten down police officer after his prostitute girlfriend is murdered, the trail for the killer leads him to the streets of Seoul, through seedy mafia run S&M parlours to a place much darker than he ever could have imagined. The music was written based on the synopsis and concept art, which is all that remains of the project. Given that Antoni Maiovvi has done this sort of thing before and it was a lie, it is important to note that this story is all true. Mystery surrounds the abandoning of this project, but permission has been granted to release the music and concept art as a stand alone album. Maiovvi’s score pairs dark synth sounds with far-eastern experimental instrumentation. Previously available as a limited edition cassette offered at Mondocon 2016. Now available as a one-off pressing on Pink vinyl.

- Limited edition one-off pressing of 300 on Pink vinyl
- Full color jacket with artwork by Cem Ozuduru
- Design by Eric Adrian Lee

Track Listing
Side A
04 NG
06 KAI

Side B


Digital download is not included.

Check out our soundcloud for samples:

Troll 2 - OST January 09, 2017 14:46

Lunaris Records is proud to unleash the soundtrack for the 1990 cult classic horror comedy, Troll 2.
Composed by Italian maestro Carlo Maria Cordio (Absurd, Pieces, Body Puzzle), the soundtrack offers an eclectic mix of synth, bluegrass, and guitar rock jams.

Available in three vinyl configurations:

Standard LP Package Details:
- Diecut jacket
- Reversible inner sleeve.
- Insert with additional artwork and interview with composer Carlo Maria Cordio
- Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
- Artwork by Devon Whitehead
- Available in two colors: Transparent Neon Green (retail) or Woodland Green marble (lunaris mailorder exclusive)

Stonehenge Nebula Edition Details:
- Unique hand-made Nebula  colored vinyl (each one is unique and distributed randomly)
- #'d edition of 42
- Additional insert card signed by composer Carlo Maria Cordio
- Diecut jacket
- Reversible inner sleeve.
- Insert with additional artwork and interview with composer Carlo Maria Cordio
- Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
- Artwork by Devon Whitehead
- Digital download is not included, but only this version will include the CD release
- Please note the jacket will have the shrink wrapped intact, but will be slit at the opening.

Test Pressing Edition Details:
- Glow in the dark screen printed fold over sleeve
- #'d edition of 30 with obi strip
- 2xLP You'll get the original rejected pressing along with the final revised (rev1) pressing
- Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
- Artwork by Devon Whitehead

Compact disc and cassette version will also be available.

Available online at at 1PM EST on 1/12/17.
(Retail version available via
In store date of 1/27.

Sound samples:


SRP: $25

Lunaris Records is proud to announce the soundtrack release of TARANTOLA, the film within the 2014 Astron-6 horror comedy, The Editor.

The Tarantola soundtrack contains all of the Vercetti Technicolor tracks from the films, including the amazing end title track for The Editor.

Vercetti Technicolor, greek producer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, has created a masterful nine track release of synth driven pulsating jams that can best be described as "pure giallo".
The album artwork was created by renowned British illustrator Graham Humphreys.

LP Package Details:

  • Cover artwork by Graham Humphreys
  • Poster insert featuring the original Graham Humphreys Tarantola one-sheet art used in the film.
  • Layout and design by Eric Adrian Lee
  • Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
  • Edition of 500 copies White vinyl ( exclusive), Black vinyl ( and finer retailers)




Antoni Maiovvi - THUG Original Motion Picture Soundtrack October 10, 2016 13:36

Excited to announce a new release from Antoni Maiovvi. First as a limited edition pink shell cassette as a Mondo Con exclusive. (Ltd vinyl release is scheduled for late Spring 2017)

  • 11 tracks
  • Ltd edition of 50
  • Pink shell cassette with Black ink imprint
  • Full color 5 panel J-Card
  • Artwork by Cem Ozuduru
  • Design by Eric Adrian Lee

Check out our soundcloud for samples:

Mondo Con is Oct 22-23 in Austin TX:

Antoni Maiovvi is playing out on the following dates, be sure to check him out:
October 21st - Pittsburgh:
October 22nd - New York:
October 28th - Los Angeles:
November 19th - New Orleans:
December 3rd - Nijmegen:

Rocktober Blood - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack September 07, 2016 13:06


Rocktober Blood - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Catalog #: LNRS010 
Formats: LP/CD/CS

Preorder date: Thursday 09/08/2016 1 PM EST
In store date: 09/23/2016

Lunaris Records is proud to present the original motion picture soundtrack for the 1984 heavy metal exploitation slasher horror film Rocktober Blood.

Available for the first time ever on CD/Cassette and reissued on vinyl for the first time since the original limited edition vinyl was released by SIR Records in 1984, which still demands top dollar from soundtrack and heavy metal aficionados worldwide. The film itself stars Tray Loren, Donna Scoggins, Nigel Benjamin and features members of the Los Angeles-based band Sorcery as the band Headmistress. Four tracks on the soundtrack were recorded by members of the band Sorcery and featured Nigel Benjamin (former vocalist for Mott The Hoople & London) as the singer on three of the stand out tracks.

Release Notes
- Remastered from original source materials provided by the film's original producers, The Sebastians.
- Includes replica poster insert of the original two sided promotional poster

Available in the following editions:

Rocktober Blood - OST Test Press Vinyl - $45
- Standard weight black vinyl test pressings with hand stamped labels.
- Includes standard vinyl jacket and poster insert
- Alternate cover artwork #1 featuring two colors (black and silver ink) screen printed on red French paper
- Obi strip
- #'d edition of 30

Rocktober Blood - OST  (Splutter vinyl) - $40
- Standard weight Transparent Red vinyl with black splatter (hand made vinyl)
- Alternate cover artwork #2 featuring two colors (black and red ink) screen printed on white French paper
- Includes standard vinyl jacket and insert
- #'d edition of 50

Rocktober Blood - OST (Grey Marbled vinyl) - $25
- Exclusive Lunaris Records color vinyl mailorder version (grey marbled vinyl)
- Standard weight vinyl
- Standard vinyl jacket and insert

Rocktober Blood - OST (Black vinyl) - $23
- Black vinyl is exclusive to Light In The Attic, One Way Static (Europe), and finer retail stores.
- Standard weight vinyl
- Standard vinyl jacket and insert


Rocktober Blood - OST Limited Edition Clam Shell Case Cassette - $15
- #'d edition of 30
- Exclusive clear red cassette shell with white imprint
- Our clam shell cassette editions are shipped unassembled. The cassette itself will come sealed in the original clear norelco box.

Rocktober Blood - OST Cassette - $9
- Classic clear cassette shell with white imprint


Rocktober Blood - CD -  $12
- CD includes 4 panel layout with clear case and color inlay
- Full color factory imprinted disc

Track Listing
1. I'm Back
2. Rainbow Eyes
3. Killer On The Loose
4. kcaB m'I
5. Watching You
6. Watch Me Rock
7. Touch Me
8. High School Boys
9. Can't Kill Rock and Roll
10. Soul Searcher

(The vinyl edition includes a message from hell!)

Samples now available on our soundcloud account:


Repeated Viewing - Frozen Existence LP Out Now August 26, 2016 16:44

Today 08/26/2016 is the official street release date for the vinyl version of Repeated Viewing's - Frozen Existence LP! You can grab a copy from our web shop, One Way Static Records for our European fans and stores can contact Light In The Attic for wholesale rates.

Dellamorte Dellamore - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Manuel De Sica December 01, 2015 15:18

Lunaris Records is beyond excited to release the original motion picture soundtrack for the 1994 Michele Soavi cult horror film, Dellamorte Dellamore (aka Cemetery Man) composed & performed by Manuel De Sica.
- Available for the first time ever on vinyl and cassette
- Mastered at 45RPM on 2xLPs for best sound quality
- Includes English & Italian liner notes by Fabio Capuzzo
- All new artwork by Devon Whitehead
- Limited edition of 1000 exclusive vinyl colorways: 
150g Gnaghi Vomit (puke colored vinyl)
150g Ossuary (Bone/Beige with black streaks)
180g Black
Retail Exclusive through Light In The Attic, One Way Static, and other participating retail locations: 
150g Ignis Fatuus (Clear with White Streaks) 
Online preorder will begin on Friday December 4th 1PM EST at,, etc...
Vinyl (SRP): $30
Cassette (SRP): $9
Street Date: 12/18/2015

Night of The Demons update September 23, 2015 18:46

Night Of The Demons - OST status update. (10/15)

CD and Cassette only orders are now shipping.

Vinyl orders are now shipping and all should be in the mail by Saturday 10/17.

NIght Of The Demons - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Pre-Order Begins August 16, 2015 18:25

Night Of The Demons – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Dennis Michael Tenney

Preorders will begin on Tuesday 8/18 1PM EST on my website, LITA, and in Europe via One Way Static. Expected street date is 9/18.

Track listing (same on all formats)

01 Night of the Demons Theme
02 Suzie Hides the Lipstick
03 The Burn
04 Henry Jogs
05 Judy Runs
06 Roger Runs for the Car
07 Suzie Strips
08 Helen Eats the Windshield
09 The Cue From Hell
10 Computer Date
11 Victims of the Press
12 The Beast Inside
13 Hull House 101
14 Check This Out/Be A Man!
15 The Séance/Coming From the Basement
16 The Possession Suite
17 Tall Tales/Suzy-Q, Where Are You?
18 Dancing With the Devil
19 Not a Bad Paint Job/Leaving So Soon?
20 Prey of the Demons/Soul Searching
21 How About an Orgy?/Run Judy, Run!
22 Nowhere to Go
23 Left Right, Left Right!
24 Fighting Back
25 Escape/The End?
26 Halloween Party FX 1
27 Halloween Party FX 2
28 Halloween Party FX 3


Vinyl Format Editions

2xLP SOUR BALLS (Solid Orange, Yellow and White Starburst Mix 180G DELUXE)
2xLP BLACK (180 GRAMS Standard)
2xLP CLEAR (Standard Weight Vinyl)
2xLP TRANSPARENT RED RETAIL EDITION (Standard Weight) available exclusively through Light In The Attic and our European Partner One Way Static Records

SRP USA: Deluxe $27, Standard $25

Compact Disc

- 6 panel full color insert with lyrics, featuring new artwork from Devon Whitehead
- liner notes by Director Kevin Tenney

SRP USA: $10


- 4 panel insert with liner notes by Director Kevin Tenney
- reversible cover with new artwork from Devon Whitehead, and a classic Night Of The Demons Angela cover

- red cassette shell with black printing



Stores please contact Light In The Attic for wholesale

Mondo Con 2015 August 09, 2015 18:31

Lunaris Records will be attending Mondo Con 2015 in Austin, TX Oct 2-3, 2015

The Barn - Original Score June 09, 2015 18:28

Lunaris Records is thrilled to announce we are teaming up with Nevermore Production Films to release the vinyl and cassette version of the original score, composed by Rocky Gray, for their forthcoming horror film 'The Barn'. Additional details will be revealed soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the official trailer at

WITCHBOARD 7″ RELEASE DATE 08/06/2014 August 06, 2014 18:08

On Wednesday August 6, 2014 Lunaris Records will offer the following items for sale in our online store. These items are in hand in shipping asap.

Witchboard 7″ – $10 (Catalog # LNRS003)

The soundtrack from the 1986 movie Witchboard as a limited edition 7” vinyl record with “Witchboard Theme” (written & perfomed by Dennis Michael Tenney) and “Bump in the Night” (written by Dennis Michael Tenney, performed by Steel Breeze) on the A side and etched Witchboard artwork on the B side. Full color foldover cover in a plastic sleeve with a small black plastic planchette & digital download card included.

Available in your choice of Red, White, or Black vinyl. There is a limit of 1 of each color per customer.

This edition is limited to 500 total copies; pressing quantities per color will not be released.

Warning: All color vinyl copies have some overlap of the other colors due to the pressing process, none are pure white or pure red, these copies are not variants and no distinctions will be made besides white or red.

Night of The Demons shirt – $22

Originally first available at Days Of The Dead Indianapolis in June, now available online. The Night Of The Demons full color t-shirt with artwork from Devon Whitehead is available in sizes Small through 3X. Full color direct to garment printing on lightweight black Anvil 980 t-shirt.

Night of The Demons art print – $8

Originally first available at Days Of The Dead Indianapolis in June, now available online. The Night Of The Demons print measures 12.5″x12.5″ and is on 12 pt. glossy card stock, perfect for a record frame. Artwork by Devon Whitehead. Limited edition print run but not signed or #’d.


These items will only be available only through our online store that will go live on 8/13 1PM EST.

However, our partner in Europe, One Way Static Records will have a small amount of Witchboard 7″ records (Black vinyl only) available at the same time to take advantage of cheaper shipping rates to overseas fans.


Lunaris Records will be releasing the original motion picture soundtrack for the 1987 horror/bumsploitation/comedic/melt spectacular, STREET TRASH. Further details to follow.